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Allowing Room for Gray Scale in the Equine Industry

Nothing in this industry is in black and white. This closed-minded way of thinking does nothing but limit the growth & potential of both our horses and our grooms. If you have a professional on your team that can’t see the Gray Scale, it may be time to find someone who does.

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What is Equine Bodywork and why Should I book a Session?

It’s worth noting the horse has approximately 700 muscles in their body.. This adds up to 40-60% of their entire weight! These 700 muscles are responsible for the movement in your horse. Yes, that’s right, the muscles are what move and stabilize the skeleton. That’s a pretty important job if you ask me. This is why it’s absolutely crucial to take care of your horse’s muscles.

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When your Horse Should NOT get Worked On

Despite the incredible benefits that Equine Bodywork may bring to the table, there are actually times when it could do more harm than good. It’s important to know when to hold off on an Equine Bodywork session…

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