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Equine Bodywork is More than just a Luxury service

It’s an investment in your horse’s health

As committed horse owners, we will move mountains for the health and wellbeing of our four legged family.

Equine Bodywork from Gray Scale Equine can help your equine partner in so many ways:

  • Aids in injury prevention
  • Enhances performance
  • Increases range of motion & flexibility
  • Improves coat quality & muscle tone
  • Increases circulation
  • Decreases pain & inflammation
  • Promotes healing & recovery
  • Loosens scar tissue
  • Improves posture/asymmetries
  • Decreases stress & tension
  • Supports the immune system
  • Releases endorphins
  • Improves stamina
  • And so much more

Set Your Horse Up for Success

Adding an Equine Bodyworker to your horse’s health care team can save you time, frustration, and money when it comes to your horse’s comfort and performance in the long run.

Brittany makes it her personal mission to identify the root cause of your horse’s discomfort and/or restrictions and will customize a non-invasive maintenance plan to set them up for long term success. 

Session details

Equine Bodywork

Curious about what to expect for an equine bodywork session from Gray Scale Equine? Get a glimpse into what a session looks like for your horse.

Session details

Equine PEMF

Curious about what to expect for an equine MagnaWave/PEMF session from Gray Scale Equine? Get a glimpse into what a session looks like for your horse.

"I have to say, we are so unbelievably impressed and happy with the work you've done with our horses. Sam, more than anyone, has really experienced relief and we're seeing such a happier horse in lessons. Thank you again lady!"

Christina Coxe

Certified Equine Bodyworker

Meet Brittany

Brittany is originally from a small town in Western Massachusetts where there are likely more cows than people. She decided to trade in her brutal winters for slightly less brutal winters as she ventured to New Jersey to earn her degree in Equine Studies at Centenary University. Between school breaks and post-grad, Brittany dove right into the industry and gained valuable experience grooming and managing barns up to the FEI level. She had dabbled in the hunter/jumper, dressage, western, and combined driving disciplines. Brittany settled down in Nazareth, Pa after the 2021 WEF season came to a close and decided to begin her journey to becoming an equine bodyworker herself. She took her time researching all of the available certification programs and Equinology was the clear choice for the quality of service she wanted to provide.  This program is extremely extensive and provides well-rounded training for professionals in the industry. Brittany’s goal has always been to become an advocate for each horse she has the privilege of working on and strives to help them reach their full potential with every session.


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