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& PEMF Practitioner

My Goal For gse has always been to

help as many horses and owners as Possible to feel and perform their very best.

Whether the goal is to compete at the FEI level, or to live out their best retired life, I believe every horse can benefit from equine bodywork – no matter their age, breed, gender, and discipline. Every horse is special and deserves to be treated as if they are someone’s whole world, no exceptions.

My Story

I practically grew up in a barn in Western Massachusetts since I was 8 years old. My primary focus was natural horsemanship and rescue horses. I found the most joy out of creating deep connections with the “problem” horses in hopes to restore their trust in humans and set them up for a better life.

My  focus shifted slightly as I began my studies at Centenary University in New Jersey. Here I earned my Bachelors Degree in Equine Studies. While enrolled, I joined the Hunter/Jumper team and participated in Centenary’s work study program while also employed at a local barn. During my breaks from school, I decided to take advantage of the time and work for a different professional each break. This gave me the opportunity to become a well rounded professional while also discovering my strengths, weaknesses, and preferences in the industry. I worked for top professionals such as Schuyler Riley, Misdee Wrigley-Miller, etc. and even had the opportunity to groom at CHIO Aachen. I gained valuable experience in the dressage, hunter/jumper, western, and combined driving disciplines.

I then graduated from Centenary and went on to manage barns both at home and at shows before officially settling down in Nazareth, Pennsylvania after the 2021 WEF season came to a close. At this point, I had managed many top athletes and developed a particular interest in the science and management behind maintaining these athletes. I had worked alongside many vets, chiropractors, farriers, and bodyworkers during my time in the industry and loved to see/hear what these professionals had to share as well as witness the results first hand. I then decided to take the leap and begin my journey to becoming an equine bodyworker myself.

My mission has always been to become an advocate for each horse that I have the privilege of working on and strive to help them reach their full potential with every session. 

Outside of the barn, I love to spend time doing anything outdoors in the sun. I especially enjoy reading, hiking, and traveling. 


What Sets me Apart

Is My Genuine passion for helping horses & My Well Rounded Education

I look at every single horse as if it were my own and will always be fully present while caring for your equine partner.

If I had to choose my favorite thing about equine bodywork, it would be creating strong relationships with my clients (horse and owner) and getting to see how happy they both are when we experience results. I get the opportunity to make a difference in a horse’s comfort and performance every single day and that feeling will never get old. Being an equine bodyworker genuinely brings me so much joy.

I am extremely dedicated to continuing my education to become the best equine bodyworker that I can be for your horse. I have a 4 year degree in Equine Studies from Centenary University, I have in-depth bodywork training through Equinology, I am PEMF certified through MagnaWave, I am apprenticing with an Equine Myofascial Release specialist, I have extensive management & veterinary technician experience in the industry, and I am constantly looking for more opportunities to learn & grow.

I took my time researching all of the available certification programs and Equinology was the clear choice for the quality of service I wanted to provide.  This program is extremely extensive and provides well-rounded training for professionals in the industry. Not only do they train you in equine bodywork, but they also educate you on biomechanics, saddle fit, equine health & management, conformation, gait analysis, etc. 

With equine bodywork, you need to look at the horse as a whole. Everything is connected when it comes to equine health & performance and only knowing a massage “routine” will not allow you to identify/solve the root problem. My well rounded education and industry experience gives me this advantage when it comes to connecting the pieces for each horse.

My Education

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